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GoGo Dumpster was built for Contractors, Landlords, and Homeowners to shop a variety of Dumpster Companies in one place. The benefit of GoGo Dumpster is you have the ability to order a dumpster any time of the day without having to wait on hold or set a reminder to call during normal business hours. Try us out today for no hassle, no gimmicks. Just a fast and easy way to rent a Dumpster. If your project is big or small GoGo Dumpster has a Dumpster for you!

What Is Not Allowed in a Roll Off Dumpster

While you can toss most common items in a roll off dumpster rental, a few restrictions apply. Usually, this is because a certain item must be handled separately from other debris, using special processes and equipment, for environmental or safety reasons. This table shows items typically not allowed in a dumpster and where you should get rid of them instead.

Prohibited Item Reason It’s Not Allowed Where to Dispose Instead
Fuels, Oils, Batteries & Paints Flammable and/or toxic to the environment Local household hazardous waste facility
Asbestos & Medical Waste Harmful to human health Asbestos abatement company or medical waste service
Industrial Drums & Contaminated Absorbents Toxic to the environment Local hazardous waste collection service
Inks, Resins, Adhesives Damage the inside of the dumpster Local recycling facility
Refrigerators & Air Conditioners Contain toxic chemicals or collect harmful gases in landfills Scrap yards or refrigerant recovery services
Tires Damage landfill infrastructure Local tire recycler or auto shop

Some Dumpster Rental Restrictions Are Location-Specific

While the information in the tables above are true nearly everywhere, some materials are wild cards. Many cities and counties have their own rules on whether these items can go in a dumpster based on what type of landfills are found in the area, local recycling capabilities and regional environmental regulations. If you need tips for getting rid of these items, check out our Disposal Guides or send us a message for more info.

Trust & Safety for our Customers

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